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Read Dipti Thakur’s interview about establishing her clinic and the different challenges that came her way. It sure is a journey to be appreciated. A small yet robust team is what keeps this initiative going! 
  • Tell us a little bit about your organisation and your journey, please.

While pursuing M.Phil in Clinical Psychology from Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, a thought that persistently came to my mind – why not start my private practice? I believe that was the day when I decided to set up my clinic. Post receiving my license from RCI, the groundwork begun to lay down the foundation of Nayi Disha Mental Health Clinic. 

Nayi Disha – Mental Health Clinic is a self-sustained, speciality clinic located in Delhi. Our team consists of a clinical psychologist, a psychiatrist, and a counselling psychologist. Our USP is – psychological assessments and psychotherapy for all age groups. 

  • What was your key driving force?

My passion helped me kick start my journey in setting my clinic while overcoming all the hurdles. My support group of people kept me motivated throughout. They played a significant role in turning my dream into a reality. I believe, if there is a will to change, then every individual has the choice to make it happen, as the wand of magic rests in our hands.        

  • What service(s) or product(s) do you offer? Why should people choose your product/services?

We at Nayi Disha provide our clients with psychological assessments and psychotherapy spread across all age groups. Along with this, we provide internship support to budding psychologists who aim to make a career in psychology. —

Over a period based on goodwill and word of mouth, Nayi Disha has a strong client base. Our ethics guide us, and our work has got us clients who show faith in what we do. Their appreciation and successful termination of numerous cases have added to our pride.

  • What are some of the challenges you have dealt with?

Initially, setting up my clinic was not an easy task. It required me to multitask several things and take decisions that would impact my future. It demanded a lot of planning, coming up with the best strategies possible, and drafting layouts to ensure the clinic looked aesthetically well. 

Gradually as people were getting familiarised with the name, new challenges arose. Competitors started providing similar services as us, this led to the cut-throat competition, but the support from my family and friends kept me going. I knew our team would pass all the obstacles and reach the desired outcome.

Unethical practices were never encouraged as all our practitioners were licensed and had a strict protocol to follow while being onboard with Nayi Disha.

  • Have you considered any alliance/partnership/funding?

Currently, Nayi Disha has partnered with industry experts such as counselling psychologists, neurologists, and other experts from a similar domain whose expertise is of great value to society. These associations have made a considerable impact in making our organisation stay sturdy. 

  • What are your key responsibilities as the head?

Being a founder, one must wear multiple hats; some of my roles are:

o Implementing efficient processes and standards

o Managing contracts and relations with clients, vendors, partners and other stakeholders

o Evaluating risk and lead quality assurance efforts

o Mentoring and motivating teams to achieve productivity and engagement

  • Given the rapid pace at which the world is changing, what are the leadership traits necessary for success?

I believe in two prominent traits which have helped me lead a successful career in this current changing scenario.

Most important is empathy. As a clinical psychologist, one must possess this trait in abundance. The reason being, if we give our hundred per cent towards this trait/skill, I assure that an individual can resolve various issues and come up with strategic results which would be accepted by all.

Secondly, delegating work and good communication skills. They may sound simple but following them takes a lifetime. Good communication skills, and diligently handling a case leads to the successful termination of every case. 

  • Tell us about your early life. How has being an entrepreneur/professional affected your family life?

Being an entrepreneur is not as simple as it sounds. Initially, I had the luxury to project myself in a particular manner, but post taking up responsibilities as a founder at Nayi Disha, my approach has changed. Individuals saw me as their role model. My traditional lifestyle changed to something more professional that my family and friends are proud of.   

  • What piece of advice would you give to college graduates who want to become mental health experts??

I suggest one must seek properly supervised training from an RCI recognised course/licensed professionals before practising in the field of clinical psychology. To deal with cases related to disabilities and other specific concerns, make sure you hold an RCI license to practice independently.

  • What comes first for you? Money or emotions?

My mentor and guide Dr Sheema Aleem taught me that one of the ethics of a professional is being emotionally competent, and this has always worked for me to build a better rapport and trust with my clients. Money also has been a source of motivation for me. It helps me take care of my team’s needs and ensure we can purchase all the necessary tools and other essentials to run the clinic smoothly. 

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