Getting your thinking more CRISP:

Have you ever gone off to sleep while thinking of a solution to a particular problem? Has that problem really made you break up with your life?

Ever wondered what are your “thoughts” like?

We all know the acronym SMART when it comes to setting objectives in life.

S- Specific, M- Measurable, A- Agreed, R- Realistic, T- Time-limited.

Just like setting objectives, you need to set your thoughts too:

Constructive- Avoid negative

Rough direction- Have a framework ready rather than a clueless plan.

Involving- Something worth working on.

Suitable- In line with your work objectives.

Principled- Fit in with your values.

Very often you will find yourself half-heartened about some goal, not much interested, chances are that the OBJECTIVE wasn’t too CRISP.

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